We are in a relationship with everything...

It is the quality of that relationship that makes the difference and it begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

In a world full of  external distraction we can find ourselves drawn further away from our internal world and an imbalance can occur. 

It is no surprise that ‘mindfulness’ (paying attention to the present moment while bringing awareness to thoughts and feelings) has been piloted in schools and is aiming to become part of the curriculum.  

If we start with your mind; are you aware of your mind chatter? Do you understand how that chatter can affect you? Do you make self-awareness a priority?

We often talk about ‘mental health’ as if it is something ‘out there’ something that does not happen to us. Yet mental health applies to all of us and is just as important to look after as our physical health. One way to do this is with ‘talking therapy’ which creates a unique space to explore and challenge your thinking because ‘thinking’ creates stories and these stories influence your relationship with everything.

Relationship Matters is a therapy service that offers individual, couple and family support, with the aim of having conversations that connect. Communication, understanding and healthy relating are at the heart of  this therapy.

© Lesley Burrows 2014